Tour de Woodford

Rotary Club of Maclean Inc.

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Welcome to the 2017 Tour de Woodford

Please NOTE the planned 2017 Tour de Woodford

has been cancelled, apologies for any inconvenience


and check out the FAQ page for additional questions that are asked


Brushgrove Hotel Social Club-will be Selling breakfast in the park to support the Cancer Council and holding a  garage sale on the day


Gwen Newberry,

Brushgrove Hotel Social Club,

Grafton Vintage Motor Vehicle Club - Car display and morning tea on the green.


SECRETARY,Peter Arnull  0428 415 805

Events, Tom Raven  0419 888 902


Cowper Public School- The wonderful parents and members of the P&C will be there with a great array of cakes, slices & biscuits to tempt and enjoy with your coffee.




President P&C Cowper Public School.



If your organization or Club wish to be involved please

contact Simon 0419 638 553.




Sign on at the Rotary caravan